Where is my room?

If you're not sure which room you're in, check the booking, it should say very clearly whether you're room 1, 2 or 3.

The layout of the building can be a little confusing, particularly as the order of the rooms isn't chronological (they're in the order they were built) 

We always hope the rooms will be perfectly ready for you upon arrival, but, as is the nature of creativity, sometimes you may find the previous users have overrun by a minute or two. We do try to stick to strict times - but also weigh that against supporting the creation of art in a relaxed, and encouraging environment. 

If this is the case, help yourself to a drink in the kitchen; if Metronome is open, enjoy a beer - and pop back in 5 minutes! 

Which rooms are best for a band?

Room 1 and 2 are suitable band rehearsals and always have:

  • drum kit (crash, ride, hh, one spare cym stand and kick pedal)
  • 3x SM58s, stands and cables (Mixer and PA 2 speakers)
  • Amps and bass amp

Room 1 (Medium) is good for 4 people – Room 2 (Large) for 5 ish! Room 3 for podcasts, piano or songwriting etc. (no kit). Check out our 360 tour to get a full understanding.

Will I know how to use the Podcast Rig?

Room 3 has a simple podcast rig with two mics always ready to go. All you need to bring is a MICRO SD card. This slides into the back - and you hit record. 

If, like me, you'd rather actually know a little more - then check out this video

I can't find any microphones!

Every microphone is cleaned between users. This process sometimes means they haven't fully dried between users - and you'll have to assemble the mic body, the foam windshield and metal grille yourself. We place a sticker over each grille that is clean. Only remove if you've used it - otherwise we're cleaning unnecessarily. 

You'll find the microphones in the kitchen area

Help! We're locked out and can't get in!

To protect the security of the studio and its users, the codes to doors are only given to those making a booking. They will have received an email with the codes. 

If you enter through Metronome at the front, the internal doors require a code - and the team will need proof of your booking details.

Something isn't working properly

We've got spares of most things on site - so please ask. Check you've definitely switched it on first before getting in touch. There are emergency contact numbers around the studio if you need help. (A broken drummer isn't classed as an emergency).

I would like the room set out for a Meeting/Boardroom space

If you want to book Room 2 for meeting room use. Book as normal above, then please email us. There is an additional charge of £28 – and the room is set up as follows:

  • Up to 8 comfortable boardroom chairs
  • Table
  • Excellent WIFI
  • Flipchart
  • Water
  • Drinks, pastries and lunches from Metronome at 10% discount and brought to you
Can I book the Control Room?

The control room is bookable for Dry Hire, though there are very few windows where it is not being used internally - so for residencies, you're better off looking elsewhere. 

Any dry hire sessions require a one off paid induction. This covers how to use everything but mainly ensures everything is reset back to neutral so that other users always have it as required for the next session.

As a small business, this room is the life-blood of the business so those who are unfamiliar with studio setups should consider either booking a session here with one of our engineers, or using a self service studio elsewhere.

One day we'd love to offer this properly - but we've seen it done so badly elsewhere - we'd hate to offer anything other than the 5 star excellent service you know you'll get here.

I'd like to book multiple spaces on the same day

If you're booking room 3 - there are options for different lengths of booking.

For other spaces, you'll need to book each block as separate transactions. 

If you're needing more than a full day or block bookings, then call and we'll be able to arrange something for you.

I'd like to make a block booking over several days/weeks

Please call us. 
We love residencies, but do have a few constraints that we'll be honest about from the start. 

  • In term times, Room 2 is always booked from 4pm-7pm for a drum teaching school. Therefore, for 30 weeks of the year, it is impossible to exclusively book the room. They're absolutely fine to leave a studio rig set up and for them to work around it but you'd need to book out the evening peak time slots too if you want it for consecutive days.
  • School Holidays are much more flexible
  • We're quite small, so feel free to make us an offer, as we love trying to make things work for everyone. 
Coffees, pastries, breakfast, lunch and evening events

Metronome is part of the same business. It is our social space, coffee shop and on the high street, it's also our main entrance. As you are a studio user, you get 10% off coffee, pastries, lunches, cakes and soft drinks. 

In the evenings, the venue is licensed. There are often private hire and ticketed events - check out for the full programme.

Many events are free and we'd love you to join us.

Fridays are ALWAYS just a social night.  

I can't get a sound out of the piano!

The piano has MIDI sensors under every note, and as such some people don't want to hear the acoustic sound, and leave the leaver disengaged. 

You'll find the lever under the keybed just to the left of the bottom octave. Switch it 90 degrees and you'll be back! 

The piano has a felt pedal in the middle which requires a down and right action to release it

Where are the electric pianos? - I can't find them

The electric pianos are free to use. You'll find them in the corridor outside room 2. If it's not there, then it's in another room being used. 

There is a second keyboard in the flight case. You are also welcome to use this. 

ALWAYS return them to the corridor so the room is ready for the next person

Full room information is available here