CROWN LANE LIVE |  An immersive, premium live music experience showcasing emerging and established artists. The perfection of studio with the joy of live performance

IN STUDIO | High-fidelity studio performances broadcast to the big screen in the adjoining events space, Metronome

LIVE AUDIENCE |  The hosted events encompass performance, interview and behind-the-scenes technical walkthroughs. Book tickets to season 2 here

 YOUTUBE | The songs and highlights from the evening are hosted on our brand new YouTube channel

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The Jack Lonergan Foundation has funded unique opportunities for 24 young people at each Crown Lane Live. Students gain experience with setup, video, sound, lighting, broadcast, interview and events. More about The Jack Lonergan Foundation here

celebrating the partnership between The Jack Lonergan Foundation and Crown Lane - with a picture of Jack superimposed on a faded background in the studio