Chris Cruz  |  Engineer and Producer

Chris engineers most sessions at the studio, loves to play guitar and is addicted to creating superb lo-fi tracks in his spare time. He heads up the podcasting and Crown Lane Live - our immersive live music experience showcasing emerging and established artists.

Alexi McNulty-Bakas  |  Engineer and Producer - Head of Education

Alexi is a calm presence in the studio, bringing a wealth of educational and musical experience. A guitarist and fine skateboarder in his free time. He's currently spending most of his time developing the next modules in our education course

John Merriman  |  Founder and Producer

John founded Crown Lane with his wife, back in 2007, and has ensured the business stays ahead of changes in the industry. He loves eating out and spending time with his boys and foster daughter. (LinkedIn)

Lawrence Bradshaw |  Studio Manager

Lawrence invests into others, and encourages everyone he meets. We're so delighted to have him on the team - making sure everything holds together, and we're heading in the right direction.

Bill Sherrington |  Mastering

Bill has worked with John since the early days of Crown Lane and retired from regular work at the start of 2023. He's local, and oversees all the mastering here.

Chrissy Stonebridge |  Marketing and Consultant

Chrissy has guided the studio through some of the most difficult years as studio manager - particularly immediately after John's wife and co-director Ruth died in 2019. Recently stepping down to work freelance on specific projects, and have more time with family. Chrissy is an all round exceptional human - and we love it when she's around!