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Do We Have a Favourite Microphone?

We’ve come to love and rely on the sound of Sontronics Microphones. Many are handbuilt here in the UK, and unique to Sontronics, their microphones need very little additional help or EQ to capture each instrument perfectly – creating more time in the studio to be creative.

Each microphone is designed for a different purpose. We have plenty of other microphones from other manufacturers and for other purposes, but here are a few of our favourites from Sontronics that work hard day in day out at Crown Lane.

If you’re just passing the studio, visit Metronome, our Coffee House and Events Space and you’ll see through the window at the back a glass cabinet full of these. They sound as beautiful and unique as they look. We can’t wait for you to try them.


Sigma Microphone DM1T DM1B Aria Apollo MicrophoneSTC1S