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Creating for Loopmasters Sample Library

Most bedroom producers, and many pro-producers will have used and pulled apart some Loopmaster samples at some point or other. We have been the studio of choice for two recent Loopmaster libraries, both using full funk band line up, with rhythm section and brass.

A huge number of samples is required by loopmasters – so we have to work extremely fast and methodically. Session one – rhythm section (drums, bass, keys, guitar) was conducted with drums and keys in Room 1 – and guitar and bass in the control room with me. We used Room 2 as the recording space for the guitar amp, so it would be isolated from the rest of the band. By session 2 (brass) we had selected which takes and loops would be the ones needed by Loopmasters.

Saxophone trumpet and trombone were recorded simultaneously to ensure tight, rhythmically accurate horns – that will no doubt soon be heard on countless recordings. Watch this space! Check out loopmasters.com for latest sample packs- you won’t be disappointed.

Now with Room 3 (build soon after this recording), we will now be able to record brass simultaneously.

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