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Recording is our greatest passion at Crown Lane. Catering for commercial releases we work with Independent Artists, Management and Labels, to create high calibre, professional recordings. Whether you want to produce your entire project here or want to use our facilities to get the best drum recording or vocals, we would love to put together a solution for you.

We have an impressive ever growing Playlist on Spotify and had over 1000 satisfied clients (and friends) over the past 8 years, with over 70% becoming returning customers. The team here are all musicians so understand the value of studio time. We want to give you the maximum amount of time possible to really focus on your music and not the clock.

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We also offer entry level recording packages to help local musicians begin their recording journey. Our entry level package deals are a popular, sensible and low-risk starting point in recording music.

Crown Lane offers a Voice Over service too, for VO artists who need a fast turnaround spoken voice recording captured professionally.

The studio

Our rooms are acoustically designed by Cole Jarman (Acousticians to the Royal College of Music) in partnership with ARa Architects to capture the most incredible details in your music.

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  • Live Studio Recording
  • Live Studio Recording
  • Live Studio Recording
  • Live Studio Recording
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  • Room 1: 170 sq ft
  • Control Room: 104 sq ft
  • Room 2: 200 sq ft
  • Amp cellar
  • Social Area – also tie-lined for vocal/additional recording area

On site instrument and equipment

Our gear is all lovingly hand-picked and always kept in top condition. From our custom built (in Kent) 24 channel Oram console to our SafeSound Audio Compressor,  SPL Frontliner, WA-76 compressor and  Neve 9098 EQ Preamp with magic ‘sheen’ and ‘glow’ functions – we will help to craft the exact sound you are after. Our equipment is all installed to make you sound your best.

Studio Gear: MacPro; Pro Tools 10; SSL Alpha-Link Madi 24 channel I/O interface; Oram (Trident) 24 channel T-series analogue console; Westlake Audio BBSM-4 Monitors; Genelec 8040s monitors; Safe Sound Audio Dynamics Toolbox Processor; Amek Neve 9098 Pre-amp EQ; SPL Preamp, EQ, DeEsser and Compressor; dbx 166 compressor; Warm Audio WA-76, RB-1 Sansamp bass channel; only the best and most useful plug-ins; (updated regularly). All gear is patched so every room and zone can be operated simultaneously with individual headphone mixes.

Microphones: Neumann TLM49, Sontronics Sigma Ribbon Mic, Sontronics Aria 2x AKG D112s, 4x AKG C418s, 2x C414s, 2x AKG C1000s, 3x Sontronics 1T, 10x Shure SM58s, 6x Shure SM57s, 1x Shure SM7b, 2x Rode NT2s, 2x Audio TechnicaU851R, 2x Spirit IM1s, 2x Spirit VM1s.

Instruments: Pearl Masters drum kits (including Ludwig, Pearl, Remo, Yamaha snares and cymbals, Meinl & Turkish; Cornford Harlequin hand-wired valve guitar amp; Vox AC-30 Guitar amp; Laney valve guitar amp; Marshall JCM valve guitar amp; Orange Rocker 30; Hartke bass combo; Ashdown Bass Magnifier combo plus ext. cab;  Akai MPK-61 keyboard; Korg 5 octave keyboard; Korg SV1 Vintage Stage Piano; Roland FP-2; Acoustic Piano; A massive selection of World Percussion and even the Korg Wavedrum. All available as part of recording bookings.