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As a recording and rehearsal studio, there are few things more important than making sure everyone is welcome. 

To enhance your experience and make it as creative and enjoyable as possible, here are just a few of the barriers we've removed.

1. The facilities at Crown Lane are clean and clear of obstacles. The whole building comprises rooms off one long winding corridor starting in our fantastic Coffee and Events Space. 

2. On arrival - if you would like our braille welcome pack - please ask. This includes a description of where things are, a joke (at the team's expense) and the all important drinks menu. 

3. All soundproof rooms have an audible fire and emergency alarm and should the alarm sound, it is step-free whichever exit is nearest.


4. All rooms have multiple light settings, from extremely bright through to low light ambience. Please specify if you need changes made. 

5. All signage around the complex is large, clear and bold contrasting fonts.  

6. Personal Assistants are always welcome, and working and relaxing areas for them are always available. 

7. Assistance dogs are welcome, and the coffee house has water for dogs at the entrance, and treats if appropriate. 

Please ask us - or send your access rider to us before you come to ensure we've removed every barrier to creativity that we can. 

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