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Virtual Studio

Pull up your favourite chair, grab a coffee and plug in your headphones.

With one click of the link that we’ll send you on the morning of your session, you’ll immediately be able to hear, in studio quality, with near zero latency, the sound straight off our desk and be able to interact over video link. Simple!

One click, and you’re immediately connected visually and aurally to the studio in stunning studio sound quality.

Whether you’re at the song-writing stage and want to chat with us to ensure it’s recording-ready or you’d like to record and prefer to run the pre-production session remotely with as many of band/team as you want – this is the option for you. We can also record remotely, as long as your gear meets our minimum spec and you’ve the capability and capacity to record locally during the session.

Once the tracking is complete, we’re even ready to edit, mix and master remotely.

We’ve been using this rig during 2020 with solo artists, producers, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 3 and Jazz FM. We’ve fine-tuned it to ensure you will achieve as much, if not more, than you would  if you’d been with us here in the studio. Plus, we might just throw in a little discount if you mention you read this post on our website.

Book your virtual mix, pre-production, song-writing, education, training or creative session with us now.

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Working with a remote team using our crystal-clear audio feed and visual link also into each isolated studio room



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