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Having built and been a part of the planning of two studios in Southern Africa, we love breaking away from Morden! Saying that, Morden is an incredibly multicultural corner of London, and we're proud to serve this community well. There are a lot of cultures, each with their own music, intricacies and instruments, and although we're not claiming to be expert in all styles, we are capable and look forward to diving into your world


Case Study: Akram Khan Ensemble

Akram Khan and Aref Durvesh enjoying being immersed in the tracking session at Crown Lane.

Akram and Aref Durvesh chat in the control room, while the musicians, all playing together, but separated into the two recording spaces that we use most commonly. We love creating the environment that feels most natural, without compromising on sound quality.

John Merriman and Akram Khan

Tracking and Production

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