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Rap artists generally want something different from a studio: fast-paced, no-frills; easy booking and everything complete in one session. If you're bringing your beats, then this is nearly always possible. There are cheaper options if you're doing small projects - so make sure you definitely need your own uninterrupted space; no spill from neighbouring studios leaking into yours - and a high-end studio sound with engineers who care. 

Case Study: CSTG

Vocals: CSTG working in 4 hour sessions to achieve the vocals to each track. Sessions are high energy, with great angles for video content too

We usually use the SM7B, through the cloud-lifter, into the Neve and 76, and our favourite channel on the Oram. Our golden channel just works for rap. Sometimes we'll use the Neumann, or one of the Sontronics - but usually, we start on a SM7B and it just hits right

John Merriman

Engineer and Co-Producer with CSTG

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