From full scale musicals, concept albums, charity projects and sound installations - through to more traditional albums and EPs, your project is in safe and experienced hands at Crown Lane. We love to work collaboratively with you, and with other team members at the studio, to ensure the process, and end results are exactly what you're after. 

We love small projects too - and are even happy to work over longer periods, if costs or time-restraints are currently stalling your creativity.

Case Study: NHS Kings Hospital Trust

Videography, All sound and Project coordination: Crown Lane 

Using audio from 100 NHS health professional's phones, we arranged (wrote the score), filmed, edited, composited, mixed, produced, mastered and coordinated the project.

This project was a huge morale boost, and a way to mark the hardest year's for one of the largest hospitals in the UK.

John Merriman

Project Coordinator

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