At Crown Lane we LOVE podcasting. We've a dedicated self-service room which you can book whenever you want from first thing in the morning until last thing at night. We'd strongly recommend if you want less busy times, book either the early morning slots or after 7pm when the studio is quieter at that end of the building. 

For some though, the thought of having to self-record is a headache! We are happy to quote for editing and distributing podcasts (working out a deal, and offering advice from our experience) and even happy to record for you if you'd rather focus on the conversation. 

We also have our own Crown Lane Podcast where we meet industry experts so you can also get to hear how good the rig sounds. 

Case Study: Crown Lane Podcast

Podcast coming soon

We want to keep the attention of the audience, so our rooms are intimate and every podcast therefore has the ability to make the listener feel like they're valued and special

Chris Cruz


Get an accurate quote, chat, visit, or begin your journey with us today. We always want to make sure budgets aren't the reason new art can't happen, so please talk to us so we can get the best option for you.