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Before we built Room 2, there was a huge drum store with drums from every corner of the world. We're of course delighted to have more studio space - but we miss the percussion! Thankfully for a decade, there's been a drum school based here and percussion lessons most days of the week. The team include percussionists and drummers, so there's a lot of percussion love and expertise here!

Case Study: Battle of Boat

Prices from £300

Written by Ethan Maltby, a percussion-loving composer of film and theatre. We created this masterpiece over a couple of months

Filling Room 1 COMPLETELY with percussion, we tracked the entire musical in one day - with 3 percussionists all playing one giant 360 rig. Everything was close mic'ed with at times multiple layers of larger drums - plus live-performed triggers (see image) 

John Merriman & Ethan Maltby


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