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The London jazz scene is thriving. Crown Lane has close relationships to the venues, promotors, podcasts and festivals across London, and as such is a regular home for jazz recordings. Our recording console, the custom built Oram desk, has such warmth across its 24 channels, that the inherent sound at Crown Lane is a dream for jazz lovers.

Listening to one of our latest projects being released at Spiritland Kings Cross on their Living Voice Sound system, it was evident that the deep level of detail and character translates well in all contexts.

Case Study: Gods of Apollo

Using recently released NASA audio, some of the UK's most prolific improvisers met for a special recording session inspired by the real life soundtrack of space.

Rob had scored the dialogue - with approximate mood notes and concepts - but very little else. From the control room, I sent the NASA footage to their headphones... and left the tape to roll. Rob is also the host of the long-running The Jazz Podcast

John Merriman

Engineer and co-producer

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