Edit and Mix

From small auto-tune jobs and assistance with self-records to entire editing and mixing projects - we have an attention to detail that will see your project come together perfectly. Because editing and mixing is always dependent on the quality of the raw material - we always listen ahead of quoting to the track - and often ask for a screen grab of the stems so that we know we can achieve what you're aiming for within the estimate. 

The case study shows the complexity of a full 96 channel session - but there are equally freelance engineers for all genres who choose to spend time at Crown Lane. Some have had number one releases in recent years.

Case Study: Battle of Boat

Editing, Mixing and Mastering Crown Lane Studio

The epic nature of this edit and mix, involving a huge young cast and orchestra, recorded over multiple studio sessions comes together perfectly and cohesively under the careful hand of the Crown Lane team.

John Merriman 

Edit and Mix engineer

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