Each year, our studios are buzzing with local schools, community groups and colleges, experiencing the magic of recorded sound.

One of our favourite organisations is Out of the Ark, who for many years have used our studios to create their world-famous children's albums. Every primary school teacher and child who has sung in assembly over the past 20+ years will recognise many of these classic songs written by Mark, Helen and the team.

Case Study: Out of the Ark

Out of the Ark create resources constantly using two studios for choirs, and their own for backing track creation. Using a special tracking method unique to OOTA, we create a clear, yet full vocal sound.

...thank you all for the marvellous launch. The sound is fab with really good singing,

It was a really tight deadline, so very well done to all concerned. Thank you team for your flexibility last minute.

Mark Johnson

Writer & Owner, Out of the Ark

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