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Frequently Asked Questions about booking

I can’t find the studio?

We are intentionally a little off the beaten track. This helpful map and instructions will help you find us straight away

How do I get in?

Once you’ve booked, you will be issued with the code to the door. Please use this to gain entry (check your emails, or contact the person who made the booking).

How do I know which room I’m in?

When you booked, you will have selected either Room 1 or Room 2, please check your booking confirmation. Room 2 is the first room you come to as you enter from the car park. It is slightly larger than Room 1, which is accessed further down the corridor next to the kitchen.

What equipment comes with the booking?

In the room will be: a PA system with three SM58 vocal microphones, cables and stands, a 5-piece drum kit (with hi-hat, crash, ride, snare and kick pedal) and a bass amp. In addition, you can use as many guitar amps as required. These are stored in a low down cupboard as you enter from the car park entrance. Stage pianos and music stands are in the corridor; please replace after use. We don’t have any guitar cabs – though if you think we should, please let us know!

Is there parking?

There is space for three cars (two next to each other and one across the back). If you require the accessible ramp area, please let us know in advance, as in that instance, there is only space for one car. There is free parking on the road from 19:00 and plenty of pay and display around Morden town centre within a 5 minute walk. We are unable to guarantee parking spaces.

Is the studio accessible?

There is absolutely nowhere that an able-bodied person can go that you can’t. We are fully accessible and Morden Underground is a step-free station, so you can get here using public transport. Our accessible toilet is not only beautiful, it’s the only toilet we have – everyone is equal at Crown Lane.

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