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Ultimate Recording Package

A silver lining to being in lockdown is that plenty of us have had time to write and create new songs.  We’ve put together a fabulous recording package to get your favourite lockdown song recorded and released…and so much more, in our best value package ever:

  • Consultation with our Executive Producer
  • 1 day recording session
  • 1 day editing, mixing and production (additional recording if required)
  • Listening party, Friday at 5 pm, in Metronome (invite friends, label, press, fans…)
  • If required – mix changes based on listening feedback
  • Track mastered for physical and online release
  • Comprehensive support to release on all major platforms
  • Submission to relevant competitions


Just one voice and an instrument? Our pared down acoustic recording package costs £750

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Videography of the session is also available if booked.

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