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To ensure safety we have closed all our rehearsal rooms, we will review this on 22/01/21. 

Both local and internationally renowned musicians use our rehearsal rooms on a regular basis and have rated our facilities with top reviews. Our two rehearsal rooms are fully soundproofed, acoustically treated and installed with British designed audio equipment. They have ambient active fresh-air and air conditioning systems.

Top-line PA and 3 microphones are provided in each room as well as .mp3 playback as standard. The following gear is included when using our rehearsal rooms: drum kit bass amp, guitar amps, stage piano and drum kit. Technical information and a full list of our gear can be found here.

Rehearsal room bookings fill up fast, so we recommend booking ahead (offpeak £35 peak £55). For block bookings please get in touch.

Rehearsals are at set times:

Off peak

Weekdays 10:00-13:00 | 13:00-16:00 | 16:00-19:00


Weekdays 19:30-23:00

Weekends 10:00-13:30 | 14:00-17:30


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