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Recording at Crown Lane

Crown Lane is your home.


The warmth of the team, the smell of coffee, the ambience… everything we do puts you at the centre.

If we’ve not already met, we’d love to meet you, show you round, and hear your music and ideas. Creating a custom recording package is our joy and we’d love to get started immediately so you know what options you’ve got.

And about the cost…  You’re either in a fortunate position where you’re not having to worry too much about financing your project, or things are tighter, and you’re concerned that cost may be prohibitive. Either way, it’s an awkward conversation. So, have a look at the packages to give you a rough idea, and just know that we want to make music far more than we want to make money – and will do anything within our power to make that happen for you too.

Let’s start the conversation…

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There are so many questions that you might have at this stage. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer them – but in the meantime, some of these blog posts might answer everything you need. Or have a wander through our blog – and enjoy hearing more of our journey before we hopefully join you on your journey too.

Here are some specific blog posts that might be of interest:

A Successful Release A look at what's behind a successful release
Sustainability How your release will be carbon neutral and so much more
Pianos and Keyboards Information about our keyboard instruments that you'll have full use of
Drums Everything you need to know about the drums we have for your use
Microphones A little about some of our favourite microphones
Bass About the different elements of bass recording at Crown Lane
Mixing Console Our custom built mixing desk is pretty special
Guitar Discover some of the amps we have on site
John Merriman A little about the studio founder
Bill Sherrington Producer and Mastering Engineer

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Let’s start the conversation…
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