Brave Creative

It's really important to get the best advice, and if possible, from multiple sources. That's one of the reasons we've invested so much in building a community here, so that you always have the best people around you. At the studio here, we have quite a few things that we think will support your creativity. These are hand-picked for you. 

Learn with others


At various times throughout the year we host workshops - and can also tailor them for you specifically. Check out what's coming up. 

We offer one-to-one training and consultation too. And if it's outside our area of expertise, we'll point you in the right direction


Grow your project

Recording and Production

We'll ensure you have the best team working for you if you need to record or co-produce with us. However big or small - we are ready now.

Even if you're recording elements at home, we would love to help make them sound the best they can


Invest in your team

Room Hire

Booking rehearsal space during the day will help save you money - and enjoy our beautiful rooms. 

Daytime sessions are extremely good value - plus the coffee shop is open for food and drinks throughout your time here. 

If you want to block book get in touch, or to try us out - book online now.

rehearsal room

Launch well

Private Events

In-person launch events (with optional online broadcast to increase your reach) are held here on Thursdays.

The flexible Metronome space at the front of the studio - with Genelec sound-system and a licensed bar is ready for you

event space

Finish Well

Mastering at Crown Lane

Wherever your project is produced and mixed, our mastering service ensures your tracks stand boldly against current trends in the industry. 


Equip Yourself

Online training

Your evergreen online training starts today. 

Our courses always start with the fundamentals - and then take you through a process. Want to learn how to mix your music at home? We have just the course

online learning

I hope at least one of these will help point you in the right direction. At very least, do follow us on the socials, @crownlane and we'll be in touch to make sure you know when events are happening at the studio that we think you'd benefit from hearing about.
We look forward to bravely journeying with you soon!