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Recording and Production

There are two main pricing options:

quote by the hour 

  • This cost is dependent on the number of rooms required (Just Control Room? PLUS One live room? Two live rooms? Three live rooms? Exclusive use of the studio? 
  • Dry hire* or with engineer or producer?
  • Duration of session (from as short as one hour - to block bookings across multiple weeks) 

quote for the project

  • This cost is dependent on the nature of the project 
  • We will always ask what your end goal is and quote accordingly

* Dry hire requires a one-off introductory session (£54) "Recording at Crown Lane" where we ensure you have all the knowledge you need to operate the equipment and spaces as required - and be able to reset ready for the next booking. These sessions are always with an established member of our team, to enable you to achieve all you creative goals. 

Mastering and Rehearsing

We have a fast turnaround for mastering, and instant online booking for rehearsals.


Our competitive mastering costs vary according to whether you are opting for our standard, or premium service.

The cost per track also reduces, the more tracks you have mastered. Use our calculator to give you an idea of price.

Mastering Calculator

  • 14+ tracks price on application
  • £ 0.00


Evening & Weekend 3.5 hour session £60

Weekday daytime 3 hour session £40

This includes gear hire: PA, Mics, Drum Kit, Bass Amp, Guitar Amps, Electric Piano

Our Podcast room is £19 an hour and is online bookable all day. 

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