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The Best Environment for Voice Recording?

From 1 hour sessions to bespoke projects, Crown Lane offers fully isolated, acoustically treated VO tracking solutions with immediate turnaround. We are specialists in Radio, Awards and Commercial Voice Over.

We regularly work with agencies who demand the highest level of quality and to particular industry standards. We record VOs regularly for Aid Agencies; Multi-National Corporations; Charities; Awards VTs; Corporate Websites & Radio Commercials. We also undertake audiobook recordings including a recent Audible release: a 300,000 word trilogy.

If additional seating, microphones and headphone sends are required, please let us know prior to the session. We have a security coded entrance through our coffee and events space so agencies can meet clients in a comfortable surrounding, and have ample break out space.

We are specialists in Radio, Awards and Commercial Voice Over




Technical Specifications

Microphone Options:
Neumann TLM49 (An even, incredibly ‘finished’ sounding mic requiring little/no EQ or de-essing)

AKG C-414 (An all time classic microphone, very sensitive with low background noise)

Sontronics Aria (smooth, detailed clear with a richness of tone)

Sontronics Sigma (Chocolatey velvety mellow characteristics reminiscent of the 1940s)

We have 4 grades of pop shield depending on the plosives and sibilance of the voice and in post production, various de-essers and compressors if required.

Recording & Processing (if you were wondering…):

Oram desk has very low noise pre-amps and has the characteristics of large consoles despite its semi-modest size

Compressor WA-76 An unbelievably accurately modelled compressor from the 1960s which we often use subtly on VO sessions if required by post production

Universal Audio – 24 channels of Apollo x16 and x8p These interface connects the analogue studio world seamlessly with the digital recording software. We have a flexible set up across multiple rooms through huge vision windows or latency free screens.We can easily cater for multi-mic setups, for example for radio shows and commercial podcast creation.

Pro Tools We always record at 48k 24 bit .WAV unless you require something else. All edits are undertaken either during breaks or immediately after the session. Any errors are immediately labelled but recording flow is not stopped unless requested by you. We ask that you provide a printed script for us to reference against in Pro Tools during sessions.

Monitoring Our Genelec industry standard monitors ensure that the mixes arrive with you, your agency or your client sounding exactly as they did during the session.

The price of a session reduces rapidly dependent on time required. Early morning sessions available at short notice. Contact info@crownlanestudio.co.uk to book.

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