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Can You Hear the Drums?

Being a drummer, getting a perfect kit sound is something I’ve always strived for at Crown Lane. Now, I believe, we are able to consistently do that, using the full range of kits we uniquely have on site.

In this short tour of the kits, I’ll start with the smallest custom built 3 piece kit – and end with the largest classic Pearl Masters.

18’ Walnut Stain over Birch Liberty Richmond series 12’ 15’  

This rich warm bodied kit was chosen for its distinctive classic sound. We wanted something that could help define our jazz sound when drummers came and wanted to use something a little special, either instead of, or to augment their set-up. The bearing edges of the drums are internally as well as externally chamfered, allowing the skin more contact with the shell, creating a softer, woodier more creative sound.

20’ Birch Pearl Masters 10’ 12’ 14’

The ‘go to’ kit for a good clean kit sound. This powerful and musical ‘Masters Studio’ kit has featured on countless recordings – and the distinctive chest punching kick makes it very popular

22’ Maple 10’ 12’ 14’ 

This, the oldest and the biggest of the kits on site, is a 1990’s Maple Pearl Masters Custom kit. Again, with 10’ 12’ 14’ toms, but with a tighter sound (due to the maple shells).



We’ve tried the classics, we’ve tried the boutique, and we’ve tried quite a lot in between. At the moment we have plenty of Turkish and Dream cymbals around the studio, but, due to the nature of cymbals, and their short shelf life, the range of cymbals changes on a regular basis.


Snare Drums

Pearl Steve Ferrone Signature Snare 14”

A brass shelled beautiful drum – akin to the black Beauty, but with a resonance of its own. There’s no upper dynamic limit to this wonderful drum, and crucially for a lot of the more sensitive work we do here, there is no bottom limit either. The drum continues to sound fantastic down to the quietest sounds

Yamaha Maple Custom Absolute Snare 14”

A Japanese handcrafted maple shelled snare with a hint of the wooden shell holding the tone together.

Ludwig 401 All metal shell 14”

This lovely 5” drum from c1959 is a classic that was heard on countless Motown classic albums. Our drum is in excellent condition with PureSound snares and whatever head is required of the session.