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At Crown Lane, we understand that everyone's brains function differently, and for some, there are some barriers that need moving to ensure creativity can thrive.

We regularly (both formally and informally) continue to learn as a team here, though we find having your particular needs made clear to us is the most helpful. This could be by a simple phone call; sending us your access rider; or an email with suggestions. We want to work with you to enable this to be an exceptional experience. 

Here are a few suggestions of how we could make your time here most enjoyable. 

neurodivergent artist

1. Reserve an additional quiet room so you always have a safe place. By very nature, the studio environment demands and provokes heightened senses so having a space for breaks can be important.

2. A walk-through video of the studio may be helpful before your visit  - or even come for a visit on a day before your session. Signage is clear, and also compliant with dementia-friendly guidelines. 

3. Despite the best plans, some sessions end up taking different creative directions; often for the better. If you require changes to the intended plan to be described to you, please indicate how best for us to do this.

4. Please specify if you would like the lighting set  differently. As standard, all our spaces are dimly lit so the focus remains on the music and the atmosphere is more calming. This can be easily changed if required. Also any fluorescent lighting has other alternatives, please just ask. 

6. Personal Assistants are always welcome, and working and relaxing areas for them are always available or they can remain with you throughout. 

7. Assistance dogs are welcome, and the coffee house has water for dogs at the entrance, and treats if appropriate. 

 If you would like shorter sessions, or something that we have not thought of - please just ask us - or send your access rider to us before you come to ensure we've removed every barrier to creativity that we can. 

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