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Ramps - yeah! But barriers can be far more subtle than that.  Let's explore where Crown Lane is at... 

1. The facilities at Crown Lane are clean and clear of obstacles and step free throughout. Right from the coffee house entrance through every room in the entire studio complex and out into the car park. Sockets are predominantly 1m off the floor 

2. Room 3 has a raised floor and huge picture window - so performers are fully part of the action. Eye-line is maintained for wheelchair users;  musicians who perform on the floor and those standing. 

3. The accessible toilet isn't just fully compliant, it's beautiful! Charles Holden designed tiles, and new at Easter 2022 - a hoist! - fully crowd-funded by friends of the studio. There's even a shiny motion-sensor bin. 

4. We're also fortunate to have Morden Underground (again, step-free) and the terminus of many local bus routes just outside our door. But if you've equipment to bring, or need to come via a vehicle or cab, rear access is simple. 

5. We keep the phone numbers of wheelchair accessible cab drivers and companies that previous clients have trusted. Please ask, and we can organise this for you.

team in studio smiling. seated or in wheelchairs

6. Personal Assistants are always welcome, and working and relaxing areas for them are always available. 

7. Assistance dogs are welcome, and the coffee house has water for dogs at the entrance, and treats if appropriate. 

Please ask us - or send your access rider to us before you come to ensure we've removed every barrier to creativity that we can.

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