Building Relationships – Spreading the Word

So, at this stage you should have at least one mix you are proud of. This could be the Dream River mix that you completed over the course, or your own songs or productions that you have mixed. It may even be some things you’ve worked on from within the DCA area. 

We’re about to make sure that the RIGHT people hear them. Notice, I didn’t say the MOST number of people. We’re focusing on the RIGHT people. 

 For this to be the case, two things need to happen 

  1. Your mixes need to be easy to ACCESS
  2. They need to be in front of the RIGHT PEOPLE 

Starting with the first – let’s make sure your material – your portfolio – is easy for people to access. 

It’s not 1992 – so let’s steer away from physical discs, vinyl or cassettes (whatever the hipsters are saying!) and get the music somewhere that is globally easy to access. 

Soundcloud is the easiest for music  – you’ll just need to pop onto to create an image for each of your tracks so it doesn’t have a default image next to it. You’ll also need an image for your account on Soundcloud. You’ll also want to add a really easy way for people to get in touch with you right from Soundcloud. There’s talk about Brand in the Repository, and now’s the time to establish the kind of mix engineer you are, and the kind of clients you’re aiming at. 

Again, we’re back in the Repository, and we’re going to be using the famous circle of influence diagram – you’ll find it in the Grow Within a Community section. 

There are five blank concentric circle images here, and we’ll be using the one focused on who needs to hear your work. See p.44.

Begin to fill this in. 

Hopefully you’ve got a few names within each circle – from close contacts – through to people you’d genuinely appreciate a contact with. 

Now – a useful place to find further contacts – particularly if you’re in the UK – is the Unsigned Guide. A brilliant resource for independent artists and producers. Their website has the largest database of the music industry in the UK. There is a small cost for this. 

Another community that’s definitely worth connecting with, if you’re feeling like your circles are still a little empty, is the AIM community. The Association of Independent Musicians – AIM – have brilliant resources on their website – but also host in-person events. They are such brilliant people, and their events are so accessible. 

With each circle we’re going to use a tried and tested business technique known as “Call to Action”. 

Rather than simply sending people a link; – give them a clear action – that you’d like them to do. 

Here’s what I mean. Imagine you’ve got 6 people in the inner circle. 6 People you know and trust.
Just sending them a mix will be met with replies like “Awesome” “Flame emojis” “Thumbs up” and many more encouraging words… But, since you’ve not leveraged their support with a Call to Action, this is almost certainly as far as this will go. 

Contrast this with the following: 

Hi <enter musician friend or family member> 

You may remember me telling you that I’m investing more in my mixing career. I wonder if you’d have 30 seconds to do 3 quick things to give me a hand on the way? 

Could you take a quick listen to this <insert song/portfolio link> – so you know what I’m up to? What do you think of the <second verse/violin/vocals – WHATEVER>? 

If you like it – can you think of some people who might need to know what I’m up to? Are you able to forward the link to them? If not, could you pass me their contact information? 

And finally, if you’re on any of the social media platforms, I’d love you to follow and share what I’m up to – if that’s ok? 

Here are the links: 

Then sign off…

So – now the process of growing your innermost circle – and the next circle out.

This group ALSO needs a Call to Action – but there’s is very different! We want them to actually use our services. 

Then the following circle, and the next.

If you’re keen to broaden your contacts – think of the types of people you want to come into contact with, get those names in the diagram and contact them with a call to action!

Good luck!