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Our ears are incredibly precious. So much so, we provide free earplugs at the car park entrance of the studio to help protect everyone's hearing. 

For those with impaired hearing, or those who feel sound through their bodies in other ways, we've made a few changes to remove barriers to creativity too. 

1. A hearing loop at the coffee house entrance will ensure you can be properly welcomed and converse clearly with the team.

ceiling flashing red light

2. Visual fire and emergency alarms in every room (Red ceiling mounted flashing light) 

3. Masks with lip-reading vision panel. If required all our team have masks with a clear panel. Please let us know if you require them 

4. Engineer's face mirror camera feed. As the engineer will often have their back to the room (facing equipment), there is a permanent camera set up to stream the engineer to anyone needing to lip-read. 

sign language

5. Sign Language Interpreters can be online on invited on-site to any session. We can also arrange for interpreters with enough notice. 

6. Signage relating to 'recording in progress' will be rear-illuminated to highlight which rooms can't be accessed - all other signs are clear and functional.

6. Personal Assistants are always welcome, and working and relaxing areas for them are always available. 

7. Assistance dogs are welcome, and the coffee house has water for dogs at the entrance, and treats if appropriate. 

Please ask us - or send your access rider to us before you come to ensure we've removed every barrier to creativity that we can. 

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