All our courses, workshops and CPD are built on these 6 principles which will transform your learning - and prospects for growth. The experience will ensure you're on the path to becoming exceptional in your field.

Here are the 6 principles explained

Broaden Vision

Broaden Vision

to inspire achievable dreams, open doors and explore new, less well-trodden paths. 

In courses: giving examples outside the expected areas of the sound industry

In workshops: allowing experimentation without judgement

In CPD: introducing new-to-market technology into education

Strengthen Skiills and Knowledge

Strengthen Skills and Knowledge

to equip with concrete principles, sense the bigger picture and understand how humans interact with sound

In courses: providing a repository handbook for reference, skills and new ideas. 

In workshops: plenty of time to apply the theory

In CPD: listening to the needs of the client and tailoring resources accordingly

Increase Confidence

Increase Confidence

to work smarter, broaden experience and exposure - and equip to win more work

In courses: a depth of learning that becomes reference material forever 

In workshops and CPD: operating a "no wrong questions" policy for deeper understanding

Boost Your Value

Boost your value

to release potential, broaden the options for work and increase skill capabilities

In courses: always tailored to where industry employment is heading

In workshops: ensuring your skills are relevant - not just accurate

In CPD: equipping confident educators to deliver beyond their resources

Cultivate Powerful Habits

Cultivate powerful habits

to work faster, more simply and effectively

In courses:  providing charts for speed testing repeated tasks

In workshops: demonstrating good practice work-flows

In CPD: presenting repeatable work-flows to enrich learning

Grow within a community

Grow within a community

to safely ask questions, discuss with others, make new partnerships, try new ideas and share suggestions

In courses, workshops and CPD:  immediately welcome all users into their relevant community. Whether that's online; our Thursday in-person events or specialist Whatsapp groups - we know we sound better when we work together