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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Covid Secure Opening

We are committed to ensuring Crown Lane Studio exceeds all government recommendations to ensure safe rehearsing, recording, mastering, visiting and working. Here is our full risk-assessment and team documentation. This is a constantly evolving document as the situation develops, so if you are concerned, please check back nearer the time of your booking, or get in touch.

Risk Assessment: 

Version 5, 10th January 2022

Objective: To reduce risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures, in order of priority.

Risk – (and to whom) Level 1(low)- 5(high) Controls Required
Spread of COVID-19 – to staff, customers & vulnerable people. 4 Hand washing facilities – with sufficient soap. 

Gel Sanitisers in places where water is not available (car park entrance). 

Office and studio surfaces cleaned with antibacterial cleanser, including telephones and keyboards, at the start of each working session, then thorough washing of hands. 

Social Distancing to be adhered to in all corridors and social spaces

Contamination of studio rooms 4 Wiping of all hard surfaces between uses of rooms by team, then thorough washing of hands. 

Microphone filters to be cleaned and clients encouraged to bring their own (for rehearsals) . 

Air-change ventilation systems to remain on full during all room uses.

Encourage solo room users and ensure multiple room users are ‘COVID secure’ when booking ( for example – double vaccinated plus booster).

All private studio users to prior-agree social distancing and hygiene.

Staff spreading COVID-19 3 Work from home/remotely where possible. 

In the studio: Minimise time spent in proximity to others – using our virtual studio with  shared screen facilities to discuss mixes rather than on-site.

Recording: Microphones set up ahead of sessions. Clients enter their allocated room and if hearing the mix is essential (as if in control room, but can’t make use of virtual rig), then Room 3 has has repeater monitor mix set up.  Instruments only touched by performers. Equipment only touched by the team.

Office working to be scheduled where required to ensure single users only, keeping air-flow in the room where possible, but home-working made priority.

Suspected cases 5 The Minimum PPE to be worn is disposable apron and gloves for cleaning an area used by a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19. All surfaces to be cleaned with disinfectant. Waste should be placed in a tied plastic bag and kept in the black outside bin and not moved for 72 hours.


Additional Notes to minimise risk

  • Walk or cycle to the studio where possible. When using bikes wash and sanitise your hands for 20 seconds before and after cycling.
  • Keep the number attending a session to a minimum. 
  • If wearing face covering, avoid touching it or it may become contaminated.


Bookings Policies

This policy provides clarity to clients and staff ahead of RECORDING sessions:

  • The maximum recommended capacity for each room is:
    • Room 1: 4 persons. (two persons if pre-booked acoustic/semi-isolating walls to be constructed) 
    • Room 2: 4 persons. (two persons if pre-booked acoustic/semi-isolating walls to be constructed) 
    • Room 3: 4 persons. (two persons if pre-booked acoustic/semi-isolating walls to be constructed) 
    • Control Room: 1 person (or 2 team). One further person at rear of room near ventilation in certain circumstances.
  • Food and drink should only be consumed in the kitchen area, and breaks should be staggered or taken outside. 
  • Clients need to be aware that they might need to book more time than usual to complete a project due to the need for more overdubs/time for cleaning. 
  • Please ensure musicians do not share equipment (ie different headphones  / mic / pop shield for each session)
  • Clients should self-certify that they have been “COVID symptom – free” for 7 days.
  • Allow for extra time for getting in and out of the building for larger groups. 



The rules regarding self-isolation have not changed, those who either show symptoms or live with somebody showing symptoms will still need to self-isolate for 14 days. This may mean that sessions may need to be cancelled or disrupted at short notice. 

We fully understand the difficulty of this scenario and will waive our current cancellation fees if a new date is confirmed in the future for the same or similar work to be undertaken.

We look forward to seeing you – and safely creating art together.



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