Getting your Music Mastered

Getting your Music Mastered

So you’ve completed your mix and you’re really happy with it! What’s next, surely that’s it?

Well before releasing any personal music or music on your label, you need to get it mastered professionally.

In the future we have a SCULPT Mastering course to offer, teaching you the process of mastering however at this stage, we would like to offer you some other, paid for options.

  • Izotope offers the plugin software – Ozone pro. This has a monthly subscription, so you can download it specifically for a project and unsubscribe before the end of the month. You can open this software in any DAW. This is roughly £20. and then unsubscribe and you will have it for the month. As you will have a whole month with the plugin it would make sense to have a few songs you can master in that time to make the most of the purchase. 
  • You could source an independent mastering engineer, their prices range from £30 up.
  • You could upload your track to a website like Landr, where they have an algorithm that will master the track for you, in minutes. For £7.50 you can have your track mastered by Landr’s AI. 
  • Another option like this is eMastering, which works in a similar fashion but with more options.

Be careful with the above two AI options though. You will be using online algorithm based ‘robot mastering’ software. This is well marketed but delivered poor results when compared with an actual human mastering your work, this is a human process afterall. The algorithm based option is designed for amateurs. 

Good Luck!