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COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Covid Secure Re-Opening We are committed to ensuring Crown Lane Studio exceeds all government recommendations to ensure safe rehearsing, recording, mastering, visiting and working. Here is our full risk-assessment and team documentation. This is a constantly evolving document as the situation develops, so if you are concerned, please check back nearer the time of your …

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Metronome Morden

Tell Me More

Metronome, the brand new Coffee and Events Space in Morden and the new entrance to Crown Lane Studio. The April 2020 launch was disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and so although ready to go, it is much delayed – and creatively adapted. There is so much to Metronome, we produced an Introduction to Metronome booklet. …

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What’s Behind a Successful Release?

When you’re contemplating recording, often the thoughts are on the immediate – the micro-construction of the songs and the details of the recording process definitely fill most people’s minds.  Here, we look beyond recording, beyond mastering, beyond publishing and copyright, all the way to the release. How you release something will very much depend on …

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Sustainable Music – Giving Your Music More Value

We take very seriously the environmental impact of making music. Crown Lane Studio director John Merriman has been on the journey a long time. PSNEurope (a European trade journal that sadly had to close as a result of Covid-19) asked him to share his top tips for creating a fully sustainable recording. Here is a …

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Which Keyboard will you Choose?

To give you the ultimate flexibility during your time at the studio, we have the full range of keyboards. Without a doubt one of the nicest upright pianos to play Korg SV-1  A high-end stage piano designed both aesthetically, and in use, to represent the classic electric pianos of the 1970’s. There are 6 groups, each …

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Can You Hear the Drums?

Being a drummer, getting a perfect kit sound is something I’ve always strived for at Crown Lane. Now, I believe, we are able to consistently do that, using the full range of kits we uniquely have on site. In this short tour of the kits, I’ll start with the smallest custom built 3 piece kit …

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Award Winning Studio

We love it when the music created here succeeds; it’s what we’re all about. However, we know people come to Crown Lane for so many reasons, and receiving local and national recognition helps us know we’re still headed in the right direction. Over the years, we’ve won many small business awards (locally, the best business …

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Do We Have a Favourite Microphone?

We’ve come to love and rely on the sound of Sontronics Microphones. Many are handbuilt here in the UK, and unique to Sontronics, their microphones need very little additional help or EQ to capture each instrument perfectly – creating more time in the studio to be creative. Each microphone is designed for a different purpose. …

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The Secret Weapons to a Magical Sound

Because every project is unique – so are our microphones. We have a complete and growing selection of microphones that add the characteristics artists have come to love from Crown Lane. We have microphones that are standard across the industry, and others that are charmingly unique.  Sontronics Sigma  Warm Motown inspired sound. Vintage ribbon microphone …

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It’s All About that Bass… No Really

A firm foundation is essential to a good mix. We love crafting the mix on our Genelec monitors; through our Oram desk; from a couple of compressors; fed from the best source possible. Here we look at some of the physical sources of ‘bottom end’ here at Crown Lane: Ashdown 300EVO With 325watts of bass …

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