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Achieving a Successful Release

Own it

Believe in your music. 100%. Heart and soul. You need all that focus and energy to be on top form in interviews and keep the passion for your project.


Your friends, family, super-fans and label (if you‘re signed) are, of course, your champions. When you’re developing ideas, always keep them front of mind – how would they respond to:

  • an exclusive private launch
  • a listening party
  • social media asking for interaction online on the release date
  • signed copies of artwork or handwritten lyrics


Press releases, articles and reviews are all absolutely essential, ensure you’re exploiting every possible avenue. 

Be social

Social media is a process, build up a strong social media presence by engaging regularly with your followers;. give them a daily update on what you are doing, make them laugh, show interest in what people are up to and be part of the conversation. These are the people who are going to stream your music and buy your gig tickets. 

  1. Instagram: uploading a daily post and telling a few stories goes a long way when you ask fans to stream and purchase your song.
  2. Tiktok: create short videos that go along to music, whether that is a lip sync, a dance or just a cute little puppy rolling around on the floor – using your new music might just  prompt people to recreate that video using your new song.
  3. Facebook: daily posts on here (even using the same videos you put on Instagram) for your followers to stream/share your new music.

Be financially savvy

Ensure you have enough funds to complete the project. We’ve put together a pie chart as a very rough guide to get you thinking.  


a successful music release funding

Plan your time

Timing is everything – rush it and you’ll regret it, lose momentum and it’s really hard to get back in the swing. Plan your time, schedule your diary – you may need to re-shuffle your life to ensure you have the time to promote, tour, gig and sell.  It’s tricky to estimate, we reckon that nine months is a good benchmark, bearing in mind  that anything can happen along the way (global pandemic anyone?) Your release could meet all your objectives, or fly further than your wildest dreams.

Recording at Crown Lane is absolutely great, call us now to book your session or to chat about your project – 020 8540 5643

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