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Are we fully accessible?

Everyone is welcome at Crown Lane.

We are constantly doing all we can to ensure the studio is as welcoming to all as possible. We work with a range of partners and also encourage your input into our journey. If you have any questions at all before your visit, please ask. 

Here are some of the areas we have been focusing on:


The brain and hidden disabilities
  • Our rooms are comfortable and safe with large, clear signage
  • We’ve dementia friendly signage, for example the inside toilet door has signs to guide you back to where you’ve come from
  • The studio and coffee house team are systematically trained on dementia and autism
  • The team are patient, and without prompting will always take everyone seriously and with respect
  • We have autism hour every Monday at 14:00 where the coffee shop has no background music and noise is kept to a minimum
  • From Morden Underground platform, through to every part of the studio and coffee house, there are no steps or obstacles to navigate, in fact, not even a road to cross
  • Sockets are at waist height in most rooms
  • Room 3 has a raised floor and large window so wheelchair users’ eye-line is the same as those in the control room
  • Bells at both entrances are easily reachable
  • Large fully-accessible (non changing places) toilet
Vision and Hearing
  • Audio and screen link to BSL interpreters if required
  • Large signage on all doors throughout the studio
  • Visual (bright flashing) and audible (siren) fire alarms in all studio rooms
  • T-position hearing loop at reception/coffee house
  • Every image on our website also has a description embedded

We are all on a journey with this and ALWAYS encourage continuing dialogue so we continue to make Crown Lane fully accessible to all. Please let us know if you need reassurance about anything or have a suggestion.

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