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5 Behind the Scenes Moments Part 1

Here are a five rare glimpses into studio life. 

Most footage/audio is from mobile phones. Pop music projects will be covered in a future blog, this feature is principally broadcast, classical, folk and world music projects during Covid-19.

Number 1: Music from Bangladesh

Working with the Akram Khan Company, this footage shows a rare moment where Akram and Aref Durvesh (tabla) in the control room discuss the project whilst all around, their team of musicians are working hard to interpret their plans. 

Number 2: BBC Radio Drama

Over 2020 and 2021 we've hosted dozens of virtual spoken word sessions. Here, you can witness the fluidity of the team working across different spaces using our virtual rig. 

Number 3: Classical/Chamber Ensembles

The slightly larger Room 2 is often used for tracking ensembles. Here you can see the session string quartet (with conductor) for Tara Minton's session, with screen link up back to the control room. 

...though Room 1 does work very well too with small ensembles: 

Number 4: Classical/Folk Guitar

Recording in Room 3, the brand new live room at Crown Lane is an absolute joy. With its huge picture window, raised floor, silent ventilation and ambient lighting, it's always a treat using the space. Here Jonathan Coote is working on a project due for release in the next few months. 

And finally...
Number 5: Singing with a face mask

We're so strict on adherence to our Covid-19 plan that one singer almost forgot to take her mask off! Here's Zoe and Naomi preparing for Morden Baptist's online Easter service.

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