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Enjoying Your Recording Session

People really enjoy recording with us here at Crown Lane Studio. We’re a friendly, approachable team who care about you and your project. Here are our top tips for a great session:

  • Encourage each other 

It’s incredibly daunting if you’ve not recorded before – agree decisions, settle criticisms and act on all the suggestions said and made during rehearsals – get together and you’ll be free to perform at your best throughout the recording.. 

  •  Make sure you’re comfortable

Spend time getting your headphone mix right, your stool height correct, your sightlines with others, the positions and set up of your instruments absolutely perfect.  Make sure the musicians have been in contact regularly during the lead up to recording so they’re well equipped for the day.  

  • Enjoy the freedom

Do an extra take – push yourself out of the safety zone – this is where the real magic happens. Just make sure you’ve got your safety take first… 

  • Document the day

Set up video cameras or hire our Creative to create a documentary style video of the sessions so you can remain focused. This gives you great footage to use across social media platforms and your music video. Often humorous, videos and perfect for capturing the magic moments of the day. 

  •  Savour every minute 

 Remember the first time you picked up your instrument, or the first time you realised you could sing? All the lessons, the tutorials, the hours of practise – this is where it all comes together, on your recording, capturing one significant moment in time… 

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