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10 Reasons to Record at Crown Lane

Not that you need any more convincing, but…

  1. We are an adaptable, beautifully built studio complex always striving to creatively help your project succeed
  2. We are helpfully located 2 mins from the London Underground (step-free) and have off street parking
  3. Our top-quality, world-class (and often custom built) equipment works distraction free in the background to enable creativity to remain at the fore.
  4. We are a trusted; growing; well-established and award winning business
  5. As standard, 100% of the rights of your material always belong to you
  6. We have expert engineers who care and understand the value of your project
  7. We have clients who love our work (and return time and again)
  8. We offer you a satisfaction guarantee – we are only happy when you are
  9. We care about the planet and are a sustainable studio and all releases are carbon-neutral
  10. In the run up to your recording session, we will share ‘25 tips for a successful release‘ – helpful hints and advice to give you a head start on successfully releasing your music to the world