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Pro Tools Expert Interview with John

  • Posted on: 23/11/2016
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Pro Tools ExpertTechnical Editor of Pro Tools Expert, James Ivey traveled to Merton in Surrey, south west of London to meet John Merriman of Crown Lane Studio

Crown Lane Studio started live as a used car garage and was converted DIY style by John and his father into a one room mixing facility almost 10 years ago while John was teaching music at a local high school. The studio has grown into a community driven space with 2 live /  rehearsal rooms, an amp locker and great sounding control room based around a John Oram console.

James and John talk about building the studio and some of the ways that is has been turned into a green eco friendly business. They talk about the things we all can do to make our studio spaces more environmentally friendly like changing to low energy light bulbs.

When it comes to studio gear they talk about the special pieces that they have at Crown Lane including the Oram console, the stunning sounding Warm WA76 compressors and their choice of SSL Alpha Link as their main audio interface.

They also talk about one of James’ favourite subjects – microphones. John and James share a love of Sontronics mics and they talk at length about some ideas for micing snare drum and the stunning Sontronics Aria valve condenser mic.

John is clearly a busy chap. When not at the studio he is on the board of the local Merton Chamber of Commerce, helping other businesses in the area.  He is also involved with a charity called ZimKids which is involved with building a recording studio in Africa.

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